Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Submitted for your approval - January edition

When I made my 2018 goal to submit like crazy for publication, I had a momentary thought that one submission per week ought to do it. But that's probably not realistic so I've rolled that back to at least twice a month, and I made that goal for January, albeit going right down to the wire tonight.

The first story was submitted to a quarterly flash fiction ezine. If accepted, it would be published in April. I'm not sure it's exactly what they're looking for, but I guess I'll find out one way or the other in the next couple of months. It also pays a small amount if accepted, which would check the box of showing income (no matter how paltry) to assure the IRS that my writing career is in fact a career and not a hobby. Showing income was a request from my tax accountant last year, when he finally let me claim writing expenses thanks to finally being published.

The second is a short story submitted to an anthology. I would love to be published in this one, it would put me in front of a lot more eyeballs than ever before. And despite having just written it over the last couple of days, I'm really happy with the way the story turned out, so much so that I'll be really disappointed if it doesn't make the cut. This anthology also pays a small amount, so again, happy accountant.

Fingers crossed and on to February!

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