Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Soup is back (sort of, with swearing) and it is glorious

Just watched the first episode of The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale on Netflix and it filled every hole left in my television watching life since E! Entertainment (!) (?) horrifically cancelled The Soup a couple years ago.

In episode 1, Joel poked fun at Korean and South African TV shows (what, no telenovelas?), reality TV, re-enactment TV (hey, I've seen that episode of Married with Secrets), celebrity guests, his network and their programs, local news broadcasts and of course The Bachelor. We got our first, "We did not edit this..." and appearances by Jason Priestly and a couple of Joel's Community castmates! Even Mankini made a welcome return! And as an added bonus, there are no commercial breaks to fast-forward through. Win win win win win win, etc. Oh God bless you, Netflix. GOD. BLESS. YOU.

There are some differences. Joel is much more casually dressed and there's some grey in the facial hair. But the snark and humor are intact and that's what we always tuned in for. E!'s loss is Netflix's gain.

"The show Sisters Wives is about many things. Polygamy... Okay, it's just pretty much about polygamy." --Joel

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