Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Does twenty-four bucks seem like a lot for a pair of socks?

Yes? Well what if they had Sophie's face on them???

DivvyUp Socks will put your pet's face on a pair of socks. In fact, they'll put your face on a pair of socks if you want. But let's face it, socks with pets are always gonna be better than vanity socks.

And yes, I'll probably break down and blow $24 on a pair of Sophie socks. Life is short, wear your pet's face on your socks.

If you need anymore convincing, keep in mind that for every pair of socks sold, they donate a pair to the needy.

Also, Christmas is only six months away. Just sayin'.

Update: The Brother saw this and decided we both need Sophie socks. So they're on order. I'll post a picture of their awesomeness when they arrive.

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