Thursday, September 13, 2018

How not to get away with murder

Also, can we nominate this for "Headline of the Year"?

Author of "How to Kill Your Husband" Arrested For, Well, Killing Her Husband

If only there was a CSI show left to rip from this headline. I guess it's up to you, Law & Order franchise. Seriously, I will watch that episode just to see how they play it.

From the linked article:

A woman who gained note for writing lurid mystery books about women murdering their husbands has now been arrested for acting out her fiction in real life.

Writer Nancy Crampton-Brophy, who wrote the 2011 book, "How to Murder Your Husband," was arrested in Oregon after her own, real-life husband was found shot to death.

Note: According to this article, she wrote romantic suspense novels and "How to Murder Your Husband" was actually an essay. Facts are important, but still...she actually addressed the subject in writing. Maybe not the best thing to have on your resume when your husband gets murdered.

Also, her late husband's body was found at the Oregon Culinary Institute, where he worked as a chef. Forget TV, this is looking more and more like a feature.

The funny thing (well, maybe not ha-ha funny, but well, funny) is that if there's anything I've learned from researching crime and watching both true-life and fictional crime shows, is not how I would get away with a crime, but how I would absolutely not be able to get away with it. One of the first things you learn from those shows is that the first person the cops are going to look at is the spouse. And when that spouse is the author of "How to Kill Your Husband"...well, you would think Crampton-Brophy would have figured that out as well. Apparently not.

(Disclaimer: Although, as we all know, she's innocent until proven guilty...and if she does turn out to be innocent, well this story just took an even crazier turn.)

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