Thursday, October 25, 2018

No, Chef!

Robot chefs take over Beijing restaurant. From the linked article:

(Bloomberg) -- In Haidilao International Holding Ltd.'s hotpot restaurants, robots are replacing chefs and waiters.

Asia's biggest listed restaurant chain by market value is partnering with Japan's Panasonic Corp. to open what the two companies say is the world's first eatery with a fully automated kitchen Oct. 28 in Beijing. At the new Haidilao restaurant, robots will take orders, prepare and deliver raw meat and fresh vegetables to customers to plop into soups prepared at their tables.

Not cool, although if they want robots to take over for some of the Z-list celebrities posing as "chefs" that have taken over Food Network and the cookbook industry in recent years, I'd be cool with that. That way they wouldn't be displacing any, you know, actual chefs.

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