Wednesday, December 26, 2018

"Let Me Be Frank", with director's commentary. OH. MY. GOD.

Not only does this guy do a brilliant turn as the "director" of the bizarre Kevin Spacey video that was unleashed on an unsuspecting - and very confused - world the other day, he did it not only within hours of the video being released, but he did in ON. FREAKING. CHRISTMAS. EVE. Not enough props in the world for this creative genius. James Urbaniak (aka director Skip Sullivan), a grateful world turns its ears to you:

Particularly love the shoutouts to Skip's appalled girlfriend Jenny, (bet they've never seen so much traffic), SoundMan73, and Touch of Evil.

Well played sir, well played.

Update 1/2/19: Let Me Be Frank now has its own iMDB page, complete with Trivia, Goofs and Quotes. Spacey is due to be arraigned soon, God only knows what he'll do then.

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