Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Someone didn't love it like I did

Last night I was feeling a bit maudlin and made the mistake of looking at my Marina del Rey apartment's website and found this:

1B233 is internal code for my apartment #233 in Marina del Rey. I even checked it against my old tenant ID (which I can't bring myself to throw away) and confirmed that yep, it's my old place. It's my apartment. Mine. And it's available, and I can't imagine why.

It's only been six months since I fucked up and made this apartment available to someone else, and what happened? How was this beautiful home not enough for you? Who the hell moved in there and then left only six months later? Having left after six years still makes me want to slit my wrists. I should still be there. How was that not a home enough for you??? I'd give anything to still be there. Anything. I should never have left. What the fuck?

Also, it's not going for much more than they were going to charge me, but not anywhere near as much as I thought it would. Given the location, I thought they'd rent that place out for three grand.

I miss you Apartment 233. Desperately. I want to go home.
My loss.

I loved that place so much. I'm so homesick.

1/21/19 update: AAAAAAND it's still available and it's on Zillow.


2/10/19 update: A month later and it's still vacant!

I like to think it's waiting for me to come home. But I've always been delusional.

How crazy would it be if it was still empty months from now when my lease is up? Would that be a sign? How warped would I look if I moved not just back to the beach, but back to the same exact apartment? What would you do in my place if it was an option, even if it looked weird?

Is it uninhabitable because I'm haunting the place without knowing it so that no one else can live there in peace? I mean, I'm still there in spirit (but unfortunately, not in body).

And of course the obvious question: How can I use this in a story?

Seriously, it would cost me a lot more than what's listed. When I lived there, the rent included gas, internet and cable. Now it just includes internet and cable, and since I ran that fireplace non-stop from autumn until summer arrived, and I like to take long hot showers, I'm guessing I ran up a gas bill that must have been astronomical. No wonder they don't include it in the rent anymore.

But as I've always been fond of telling other people, you get what you pay for. Too bad I didn't take my own advice. If I had, I might not be up in the middle of the night stalking my old apartment and pining for it and the beach and whining about it online.

I bet Sophie wouldn't mind having her sunny spot back. That she would love to live in front of the fireplace again goes without saying.

I miss the fireplace too, bebe.

You so pretty, Marina del Rey. Smooches.

And now I'm way too excited about this being a possibility. Because seriously, I'd do it. Seriously, if that apartment is still available...

3/5/19 update: Per the website, it's gone :(((((((((

Oh my soul...

I guess I'll just have to wait another six months for it to become available again. Because nobody loved it like I do. Until then, love you MdR!!!

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