Friday, February 1, 2019

Submitted for your approval - Open the floodgates edition

I find it hilarious that after I decided I wasn't going to hold myself to x number of submissions per month, I have a huge month of submissions. Last year my goal was two per month, and I didn't make it overall.

This month? Wait for it...five submissions. FIVE. More than double my previous goal. Two and a half months worth if this was 2018. Of course.

1 & 2: I submitted two of my existing short stories (Come Fly with Me and Mad as Hell to the Writers' Digest Short Short Story Contest (no, that isn't a typo - it's a short short story contest).

3 & 4: Chick Stuff, which did great in the Moondance Competition, went into Scriptapalooza Screenplay's short script category and Film Pipeline's Short Script Competition. It's pretty light-hearted, so I don't know if they'll love it, but someone did, so it's going out whenever I get a chance. And since the final deadline for Film Pipeline isn't until September 1, and winners aren't announced until December 1, this one will be out there for pretty much the entire year.

5: I also submitted a new short story called Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas to an anthology that will be published later this year. I actually started this one a couple years ago for a Bouchercon anthology, then set it aside when it became clear I wasn't going to make the deadline. I realized it fit the theme for the new anthology and dragged it out of mothballs and finished it (just in time, of course).

No results or responses on submissions this month. Onward and upward!

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