Friday, April 17, 2020

Galileo St. Honeysuckle reporting for duty!

This is how bored I am. There is a Psych Nickname Generator and I got Galileo St. Honeysuckle. And now I'm craving pineapple. If that seems odd to you, USA has a Psych binge-a-thon going on, so you can check out one of the funniest shows ever and learn what the whole pineapple thing is all about. You know, now that we've got nothing but free time on our hands.

Speaking of funniest shows ever that didn't get the Emmy love they so richly deserved, the Scrubs rewatch podcast is absolutely awesome. There's some great behind-the-scenes info and they're only up to episode 4. What has two thumbs and is loving this? This girl! Highly recommended.

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