Saturday, November 28, 2020

Recent reading: "Murder-a-Go-Go's"

As the subtitle explains, this anthology features crime fiction inspired by the music of The Go-Go's, and by inspired, they mean very loosely inspired, at least a lot more loosely than I was expecting. Still, there's some good stories here, although if I'd read them as stand-alones I wouldn't have made the Go-Go's connection.

My favorites from this collection are "You Thought" by Susanna Calkins, "Fading Fast", a tale of revenge with an unexpected outcome (disclaimer: author Sarah M. Chen was my editor for "Christine Thirteen", also a tale of revenge - no wonder she liked it so much), "We Don't Get Along" by Diane Vallere, "Head Over Heels" by Craig Faustus Buck, and "Unforgiven" by Hilary Davidson.

It's not a quick read - there are twenty-five stories here, so it took me a while to get through them all. 

"Unforgiven" received a 2020 Anthony nomination. The anthology also features a forward by Go-Go Jane Wiedlin.

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