Sunday, December 20, 2020

Even the Rose Bowl is leaving California for Texas

The traditional New Year's Day college bowl game will be played in Arlington, Texas instead of Pasadena. 

I came across that news right after reading this shit:

My response:

You can read more reactions to this post here.

From reading some of the responses, it looks like the quote possibly came from Newsom's spokesperson, but even so, it still expresses his opinion and is right in line with the arrogance and lack of concern he's shown over how his shutdowns are crippling California businesses and livelihoods, while flaunting the rules he imposes on us peons. Remember The French Laundry? Or how he kept his winery open over the 4th of July while shutting down the rest of the state? 


Updated 12/23/20: Yep, it was his spokescritter. Still, he speaks on behalf of Newsom and it's not like Newsom has shown any sign of giving a crap about his constituents, so I stand by my belief that this is exactly how he feels about the people of California, who deserve better.

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