Monday, May 10, 2021

Our tax dollars at work. And by work, I mean WASTE.

When I picked up my mail yesterday I noticed that one of the letters was from the Internal Revenue Service. Just dandy.

At least that's what it said on the envelope. When I got upstairs, I opened it up to see this:

Was this really necessary? Yeah, I got the payment. Thanks. It will go a long way toward patronizing stores and restaurants that aren't in business anymore thanks to the economic shutdown for a flu with a 99%+ recovery rate, even for people my age. It also helps now that gas prices are going through the roof with no end in sight. I filled my car the other day and paid $3.89/gallon, and that was the least expensive gasoline at a discount station. And now you're wasting our tax dollars on a stupid self-congratulatory and completely unnecessary letter and postage? As a taxpayer I'd like to know how much money was wasted sending these letters out. Then again, maybe I don't; it would be depressing.

Yeah, you gave the American people a mere fraction of what many of them lost in the past year, and that's only the losses that can be quantified in dollars. Thanks for the crumbs. Pat yourself on the back, big shot.

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