Sunday, March 6, 2022

How about never

For some reason, this showed up in my email today:
There's so much to unpack here, but let's get this one out of the way right off the bat. I once opened or clicked on an email from them (which I would not have requested in the first place, so they bought it off a mailing list) and that alone puts me on your mailing list? And how do they even know if something in my email was clicked on and/or opened? Yeah, that's not creepy at all.

Moving on:

Yes, I previously supported your party. I think it was back in the day when I voted for Bill Clinton because I totally fell for the whole "out with the corrupt old boys club and in with the new, forward thinking fresh blood" bit. Fool me once...
Thanks for the nightmare fuel!
You wish someone like me represented the heart of your party. Instead, you're represented by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and other corrupt pols who get rich off their connections while the rest of us are agonizing over record inflation (yeah, I just love watching my investments, which had been doing so well the past few years including a record high, plummeting by the day) and skyrocketing gas prices. 
Yesterday evening near my home. Where does this end?

Not to mention all the talk of World War III going on. Bang up job, guys.
And as for the actual heart of your party, it is pitch black and rotten to the core, populated by corrupt so-called leaders who don't give a crap about the American public. You are the reason people hate and distrust politicians of both parties. Oh, and once again, I didn't join your mailing list, so stop inferring that I welcome your intrusion into my personal email. How often do I want updates? How about never.

Years ago at one of my jobs I spent some time assisting our Marketing Manager. At one point we met with people from a company that sells mailing lists and it was seriously disturbing how much information they are able to not only accumulate about the public without their knowledge, but also how eager they are to sell off this information. Totally intrusive, kind of like getting an unsolicited email that takes the approach that I requested it when we both know I didn't.

I'm out.

Oh, and Jessica? I marked your email as spam in the hopes that next time Yahoo doesn't put it in my inbox. That's my preference for interacting with you.

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