Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Words of Wisdom and Encouragement: Writing Edition

Let it suck for a second. Let the bad idea be. It might go somewhere. --J.J. Abrams 

Don't try to write. Just tell the story. --Elmore Leonard

Remember, you are a thought machine. You have a thousand, a million thoughts a day. Everything you see, hear, and experience is usable. --Steve Martin

One must set up a murder. They must happen unexpectedly, as in life. --Alfred Hitchcock
It's flattering in a way that people want to see a new version of The A-Team and 21 Jump Street. I think it's nostalgia of how simple and innocent the shows were. It takes people back to a time when things weren't so complicated. --Stephen J. Cannell
And this one, I really like:
Listen to Matthew Weiner and his nine Emmys, seven Writers Guild Awards, five Producers Guild Awards, two BAFTAs, and an Edgar (Mad Men, The Sopranos, The Romanoffs). He knows of what he speaks.

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