Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Moral Priorities of the Rich and Famous

These days most people have twigged to the fact that The Babylon Bee is a parody site, but that hasn't slowed them down
Because that would do it. According to our elites, conservatism bad, child porn references A-OK! I wonder if any stores have indignantly decided to stop carrying Balenciaga yet. Probably not.

It took Kim Kardashian, who has a deal with Balenciaga, days to even make a statement expressing concern. Not run from them screaming while cutting all ties, but just express concern. It made me wonder why she didn't just blow them off if for no other reason than public perception, seeing as she has made millions if not billions from a freaking piss tape! She can't possibly need the money. On the other hand, I think I just answered my own question. If getting famous for being urinated on and then the world seeing footage of it doesn't make you hide from said world out of extreme unbearable shame, then this photo shoot probably doesn't bother you...even though you have freaking children of your own!
Whether you buy into the child porn imagery, there's the fact that there's nothing really appealing about these photos, but someone still thought this was the best way to promote their product. They were perfectly happy to go with that until people started complaining.

Balenciaga had just survived a small scandal involving another controversial ad campaign that featured children alongside bondage materials, but the MyPillow scandal is threatening to sink the fashion company once and for all.

"Child abuse is one thing," said progressive activist Asher Carroll. "But being open to conservative viewpoints and buying a pillow from someone who supports the January 6 rioters, that is truly unforgivable."

Gotta love The Babylon Bee.

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