Saturday, May 6, 2023

I don't necessarily agree, but...

But...I'm posting this because it's funny. Not necessarily funny in that failed marriages and divorce aren't funny in themselves, but...well, in this case, it's funny cuz it's true:

I'm old enough to remember the Charles/Diana/Camilla clusterf*ck, but let's face it, Charles and Diana got married for all the wrong reasons, and I'm glad at least 2/3 of that mess finally got a happy ending. If Diana hadn't been killed in a car accident I'd have wished the same for her. And if nothing else, Charles got one worthwhile son out of the deal.

Also, is there any country on earth that can do pomp and celebrations like the UK? Horses, carriages, troops, crowns, robes, ancient abbeys, castles and rites - I love that they still do that historic stuff. And they do it well.
I've actually seen this one pop up a few times today.

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