Monday, September 4, 2023

It was a really nice hotel, but DAAAAAAMMMMNNN

So while I'm wallowing in the total disaster that was Bouchercon for me, I wondered what it would cost to go back to the same hotel Wednesday through Sunday, and experience the stay I should have had (without, you know, the actual convention thingy), and I can tell you that won't be happening. I knew we got discounted rates through the convention, but I had no idea just how much they were discounted. The rate for Bouchercon was $199 per night. Behold their "normal" rate:

Damn, Marriott Marquis! You pricey. But apparently, also very generous as we got (and by we, I mean people who actually got to attend the damn thing) more than 50% off the going rate. Too bad I couldn't take advantage of that when I had the chance. Looks like I can stop entertaining any thoughts of returning.

The only good thing to come out of this whole disaster is that I have no appetite right now. Wonder how long that will last. If it works, I'll call it the Bouchercon Diet. Combine a couple years of anticipation and five days of massive disappointment and the fat just melts away!

I would rather have not tried the Bouchercon Diet.

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