Sunday, June 4, 2023

Happy Jubilee to a true champion

Her Majesty The Queen of England celebrated 70 years on the throne this weekend, making her the third longest serving monarch in...well, EVER. In the history of the whole world. In history. Third longest serving ever. Even better, in about a week she'll move up to second on the list. And if she can hold out a couple more years, she'll top them all. As it stands, she is the all-time longest female reigning monarch in history.

Queen Elizabeth II is 96 years old, has been having some health issues lately, and lost her beloved and supportive husband Prince Phillip last year, so two more years may be asking a lot of the lady. But God knows she deserves to top that list and even though I'm not British, I'd love to see her do it.

Imagine being 26 years old and not only has your beloved father just died unexpectedly at the young age of 56, but as a result life as you know it will never be completely yours. Yes, you will live a life of unparalleled wealth and privilege. You will never want for anything. Except for your own will. You will live for your country and so will your children, and their children. Every decision you make, every move you make, every choice you make, is not yours, but the country's. You live well, but you live for everyone in your country except yourself.

I'm not familiar with Paddington Bear, but I'm guessing Marmalade sandwiches is a part of his story. And I just love the Queen here,

"Thank you...for everything." "You're very kind." Yeah, thank you for making me cry like a baby. Not to mention given the sorry state of leadership we have in America now, I almost wish we were part of the Commonwealth. At least it would give us some class we badly need in this moment in time.

God save the Queen.

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