Saturday, October 14, 2023

I'm getting Worldwide Privacy Tour vibes from this trailer

Just when I think the world has gotten too ridiculous for even South Park to parody, it looks like Matt and Trey have risen to the challenge. Also looks like I'm going to be re-upping with Paramount+ for a month:

That's right, Hollywood's continued insistence on race/gender-swapping established characters in order to virtue signal despite the fact that audiences clearly aren't receptive is getting the South Park treatment. Oh, this should be good.

Apparently the woke are already crying like butt-hurt little babies over the 30-second trailer. Have these people ever seen South Park? I guess it's okay for Matt and Trey to be equal opportunity offenders as long as equal opportunity doesn't mean you. These guys pick on everyone; no one is safe from their scathing wit, but the more ridiculous you are, the more of a target just begging for parody you are for these guys. And let's face it, over the years a lot of those targets just asking for it involve Hollywood and celebrities, both of which seem determined to provide a lifetime of material for the SP guys to work with.

South Park proved they still have eviscerating chops earlier this year when they massacred Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their Worldwide Privacy Tour. I'm hoping for a return to that top form when they join the Panderverse, starting October 27 on Paramount+.

The South Park boys reimagined Hollywood-style for (tu-dum) MODERN AUDIENCES!

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