Saturday, October 21, 2023

Still a better actress than Meghan Markle

And much more gracious, too. From Deadline: Behind the scenes of the Queen's Paddington Bear video.

A few tidbits from the article:

...the sketch’s writer Simon Farnaby has revealed that the Queen had trouble nailing her lines on the day, but battled on, despite her failing health.

...the Queen had been given the line about keeping her marmalade sandwich in her handbag, but initially delivered it too harshly...

“He’d go, ‘Like you’re talking to your grandchildren.’ She’d say, ‘Oh, of course. I’m so sorry.’” 

Farnaby added that when he complimented the Queen on her acting skills, she told him it was because she was, actually, the Queen.  “I do it all the time,” she said.

Not only was her performance absolutely adorable, but in addition to pulling it off at the age of 96 (just a few months before her death, as it turned out) she also managed to keep it a complete secret from her own family. They were as surprised as everyone else when it was shown.

And then of course, there was this:

Following the Queen’s death in September 2022, the police had to make a request that no more small Paddington Bears were left at the palace gates in tribute, as they were becoming difficult to clear up.

As much as I understand wanting to leave the bears there, this is the palace gate tribute that really got me:

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