Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some writerly ramblings...

White Collar spec: Finished through Act 2/page 30.  Still haven't figured out how they're actually going to solve the crime, but given the amount of progress I've made lately, I'm looking forward to getting to that point and having to find a way to make it work.  I'll be making OC runs today, tomorrow and possibly Saturday, so not much is going to happen with it in the next few days.  Deadline for Scriptapalooza TV competition is October 1.  Since I didn't get this one finished in time for the Screenwriting Expo competition, I really want to make it into Scriptapalooza.

Beyond October 1: Thinking of taking a shot at The Mentalist when I finish the current project.  Also still want to try writing a Dexter spec, but need to see how they proceed in the new season.  I'm beginning to think this may not be a great one to spec after all, since the show resets so much each season.  I also have a feeling that Hawaii Five-0 will be a very popular show to spec if it turns out to be as big a hit as everyone is anticipating.  That could be a fun one to write.

Screenwriting Expo: Program/schedule still pretty thin even though it's less than a month away.  Still waiting to see what other classes and speakers they will have to determine whether or not I need to shell out for a Gold Pass or just regular registration.  I'm beginning to think that the key to getting the most out of the Expo is only attending every other year.  I had a blast last year, check it out here: PreviewReport #1 - Anthony ZuikerReport #2Report #3 (Hawaii Five-0 is discussed), Report #4Report #5 - Goldman/Cleese.

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