Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introducing the most hated band in Los Angeles

A local band decided to bring attention to themselves this morning, not through their music, but with an outrageous stunt: They blocked three of the southbound Hollywood Freeway's four lanes with a huge truck and then climbed on top of the truck and launched into a performance.  When police arrived, one of the band members took off with the keys.  Since the truck was too big to be pushed out of lanes with police cruisers, cops had to summon a heavy duty tow truck to the scene, which took some time to happen.  All of this created a monster traffic jam on both sides of the freeway.  The southbound for obvious reasons, and the northbound due to lookie-loos.

Here's footage of the "band" being removed from the truck by LAFD and arrested by LAPD, because you know, LAFD and LAPD have nothing better to do than screw around with this crap:

And no, flying the flag or (claiming that you are) giving all proceeds from the sale of your song to charity doesn't exempt you from asshole status when you pull a stupid stunt like this.  Contrary to Hollywood lore, there is such a thing as bad publicity.  It's hard to find, but congratulations dumbasses, you found it!

Imperial Stars, you suck.  Way to instantly not endear yourself to Southern Californians?  Eff up their rush hour commute.  Also, if your music was any good, it would stand on its own and you wouldn't have to resort to a gimmick to get attention.  Go back to the OC and stay off our freeways, you idiots.

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