Friday, October 15, 2010

Ride along with Henny

Thanks to rider Peter Atkins and his helmet cam, we can all experience high-level equestrian competition:


Atkins donned the helmet cam as he guided HJ Hampton ("Henny" for short) through the cross country course at the recent World Equestrian Games.  While I'd never want to face jumps that size (those are some big, scary obstacles) and I have no idea how they memorize that course, it's still fun to do it virtually.  The enthusiasm that Atkins and Henny have for it is infectious.  What really blew me away was that Henny's ears are pricked for almost all of the run.  Horses usually have their ears back when they are galloping.

Henny (or Henry, as his name is frequently misspelled) even has his own website.  And yes, I broke down and ordered a DVD.

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