Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My next door neighbor still has that festive holiday spirit

First, a little background - please read this post from my old blog: Have yourself a Merry Little Fire Hazard.

This year management posted notices in the lobby before the holidays reminding everyone that Christmas trees quickly go from festive to fire hazard, so be sure to dispose of them in a timely manner.  I figured I wasn't the only one who had noticed and thought it was a nice, anonymous way to let my next door neighbor know that it isn't cool to keep your tree (with lights!) into spring.

I was wrong.

Went to the store yesterday evening and when I returned she had her door open.  She does that a lot, to get a breeze I guess.  And guess what was in her living room, all lit up and everything.  If you guessed her Christmas tree, well done.  You get a cookie.

Funny thing is, the notices are still up.  Apparently my next door neighbor is incapable of taking a hint.  Or she's really just that clueless.

I hate to be a snitch, but I'd hate to die horribly in a fire even more.  So yeah, I'm going to have that conversation with the manager.

The holiday spirit it burns brightly in this one.  Emphasis on burns.

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