Sunday, August 7, 2011

This woman for President!

Small businesswoman rips Obama and "political people" new ones over their ineptitude, poor leadership and crappy treatment (and unrealistic expectations) of business owners:

This is 2:34 of non-stop quotability, but the best part was the final question posed to her, that Obama "would argue that he inherited a mess".
"He did.  Doesn't matter.  I inherit a mess every day as the CEO of my company.  Every day I inherit a mess.  That is my job title: To fix problems.  To get people to work together in harmony for one common goal.  He can't get the people in the White House - I don't care if you're red or blue, your job is to make people work in harmony for one common goal.  The common goal is that this country is a safe, secure country, to come - this is the American dream.  What are you doing to our country?  Get these people together, not vacation, and get them around the table and come up with a plan and understand how you build a plan.  What is the plan?  What are the steps?  How are we going to get there?  Why can't you put together a plan?"
    This is the kind of person - not the current batch of corrupt, out of touch "political people" - who are going to save this country.  Seriously, Amilya Antonetti for President.

    My Mom and I - who are pretty much on opposite sides of the political spectrum - both agree this interview was epic and it made us curious about who exactly she is?  So I went looking and found out  more about this amazing and inspiring woman: Amilya.comAmilya on TwitterAmilya on Facebook - Amilya on Linked InAmilya on Amazon - Sample of media appearances and speaking events - Co-founder of Lucky Napkin

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