Thursday, September 1, 2011

When in Los Angeles, don't miss the annual White Trash Wine Tasting

Via Finer Things (A Classy Guide to Getting Drunk & Fat in L.A.) comes news of Colorado Wine Company's annual White Trash Wine Tasting.

My favorite part of this is the menu:
  • Corn Nuts paired with Lucien Albrecht Cremant d’Alsace
  • Tuna/Pecan/CreamCheese/Pimento Balls paired with Vina Clavidor Verdejo
  • Bacon Baked Beans paired with Dubaisson Scaldis Amber Beer
  • Katie’s Grandma’s Poke and Pour Cake with Aszu Tokai

If you go, could you please confirm my suspicion (and hope) that the bottles of wine are clad in brown paper sacks?  Thanks!

You can see why I'm so homesick.  I'm missing things like this!

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