Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Screenwriters World Conference announced

It will be interesting to see how this matches up with the Screenwriting Expo.  Bonus points for having it in Hollywood, something the Expo has never been able to pull off.

From their website:
Sensing the need for the next generation in writing conferences, The Writers Store, F+W Media and Writer's Digest have teamed up to create Screenwriters World. This unique film industry conference has tracks for writers at every level, from beginner to seasoned pro. The organizers of the conference seek to constantly develop the networking and educational line-ups, so attendees can come year after year and know the event will evolve to match their own creative growth.
I haven't been to the last couple of Expos - are they slipping?  This seems like a response by other organizers smelling blood in the water.
Screenwriters World will happen October 19-21, 2012 at the Renaissance Hollywood.  I hope the Starbucks at Hollywood & Highland is ready for the onslaught of coffee-chugging aspiring screenwriters!

You can get on their mailing list by going to the website linked above, and also by following the Writers Store on Facebook and Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Creative Screenwriting and The Screenwriting Expo are on the verge of bankruptcy. Writer's Digest is filling a need..a great business move.

Melinda said...

I hadn't heard that about CS and the Expo. I hope WD can make a go of it.