Thursday, January 19, 2012

Farewell, my Little Blue Trooper

My beloved Little Blue Corolla has unfortunately reached the end of the line.  When I turned the key today to go run errands Little Blue just couldn't quite answer the call to arms.  The cute, endlessly dependable car that has dragged my fat ass all over Southern Cal since 1994 gave out today and will soon be replaced by something actually built in this millennium, probably via Carmax, which didn't even exist when Little Blue rolled off its Japanese assembly line all shiny and new and full of promise.

I need to buy a new car, I'm finally in a position to buy a new car and although I planned on putting off buying a new car for a few months, my hand has been forced.  And in all fairness, Little Blue has earned its retirement and blissful oblivion.

I am way too attached to this car.  But even I know this unexpected fail is a sign that it's time to move on.  "The Little Car That Could" as my Mom dubbed it years ago is off to car heaven.  It will be donated to a charitable cause and its final act of service to me will be as a much needed tax writeoff. 

Drive on.

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