Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some observances from The Brother and I from last night's Kings game

The Brother and I invaded Staples Center in person for the fourth time this season and for the fourth time this season did not leave with a victory to show for it.

Some observances:
  • Jonathan Quick's birthday sucked.
  • Justin Williams looks like a movie star.
  • The blimp is cool but was better when it was purple and festooned with a Kings logo instead of advertising.
  • We didn't see the first Ghost Rider movie and we aren't seeing the second one.
  • The continued lack of Clifford gear for sale in the arena is a massive disappointment to both of us.  Despite The Brother's totally not gay love of Quick, Cliffy is currently his boy and he wants a number 13 jersey.  Which he will apparently have to go to for as one cannot be found for sale on the Staples Center premises.  What is up with that?  It's not like the guy just arrived in town.
  • We are both sick and tired of seeing Johnson and Doughty pass.  SHOOOOOOOT!!!!!
  • We have found the best seats in the arena and no, I'm not telling you where they are. *seasonseatscoughseasonseats*
  • There is an awesome sports memorabilia exhibit in the arena that has apparently been there for three years but is so not publicized that we just found it last night for the first time.  And it is awesome.  Someone dropped the ball on making sure the world knows about it.  They have Babe Ruth's fur coat for crying out loud.  The Brother and I: "Eddie Shore!!!..."
Some fuzzy crackberry pics from last night:

The Marriott and Ritz Carlton at sundown.

L.A. Live from the Staples Center balcony.

View of warmups from our awesome seats.

Update: Right after I published this post, I found this on Twitter:

Yeah, he's officially losing it.
 Someone get this man some goals!


Julie said...

Do you happen to remember what was advertised on the blimp that night? My husband is writing a paper about advertising and we can't remember what it was! Thank you :)

Melinda said...

Julie, no I don't remember, sorry. I just know we liked it better when it was purple :)