Saturday, October 13, 2012

USMC humor

From Support our troops or get the f-k out on FB:

An Iraqi officer is leading his troops through the desert when the come upon a large sand dune.

On the other side, a voice calls out, " 1 US Marine is better than 100 Iraqi soldiers." So he sends over his men and a battle takes place.

Silence, then a voice again says "1 US Marine is better than 500 Iraqi troops." So the officer sends 500 men over the dune. Again, a fierce battle takes place, then silence.

Again, a voice comes over and says " 1 US Marine is better than 1000 Iraqi soldiers." A major battle for over an hour takes place. Then silence.

From atop the dune, an Iraqi soldier crawls up, all bloodied and badly wounded and says "Sir, don't send any more men, it's a trap...there are 2 US Marines."

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