Tuesday, January 1, 2013

RIP Rocky Cola Cafe

I've had a number of meals with various family members at the historic Rocky Cola Cafe in Montrose and the place was always packed.  So you can imagine my surprise to learn that Rocky Cola has closed its doors.  The 50's-themed diner, which has been around almost 25 years, has seen a downturn in business the past few years as a result of the poor economy.  My brother lives just a few blocks from this place and is - well, was - so much of a regular that when I'd go in with him, the waitress would know him and his usual order. 

The Rocky Cola location in Hermosa Beach closed in August 2011, also a victim of the economy.

Rocky Cola Cafe was a mainstay of downtown Montrose.  It will be greatly missed by my family and by the local community.  The food was always good, the service was always great and the atmosphere was small-town and comfortable.  It really is a shame to lose this place.

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