Friday, February 22, 2013

AND WE'RE OFF!!! Short Story Challenge of 2013 is up and running!

The emails have arrived!  I am in heat (group) number 22 and here is our assignment:

Genre: Romance
Subject: Baking
Character: A repairman or repairwoman

We have until March 2 to submit our short stories of no more than 2,500 words in order to make it to the next round, where we will have a new assignment of fewer words and less time.  Followed by the final of yet another assignment and even less time, but first things first.  Let's get on this assignment.

There are 32 entrants in group 22 and only the Top Five will advance to the next round.  And despite the genre (not a favorite), I can work with this.  Because strangely enough this plays into a crime story with cooking elements that's been on my back burner recently.  And then there's this old cake recipe with a kinda creepy but awesomely moist ingredient...not to mention Grandma Loomis recipes (nobody could cook like that woman)...but I digress...

This is going to be a boatload of fun.  Huge honking thanks to NYC Midnight for sponsoring this and best of luck to my fellow short story writers!

So much fun!!!

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