Sunday, May 25, 2014

What we learned in culinary school this week - Week 19 (Part 2)

After the big wine tasting, which everyone enjoyed, we spent the rest of the week on the cuisines of Spain and Mexico.

Believe it or, pigs are big in Spain. Ham is all over the place. Tapas are a snack for early evening, after siesta but before dinner, which is around 10pm. Tapas originated in Catalonia and Andalusia, but are now consumed all over Spain.

Sangria is cheap or leftover wine which the Spanish mix with all sorts of things, including fruit, 7-Up, fortified wines and liquor).

Croquetas de Jamon Serranco
(Serrano Ham Croquettes)

Albondigas (Meatballs)

Almejas con Chorizo
(Clams with Chorizo)

Shrimp and Clam Paella


And more churros!

Corn (masa) is a major ingredient in Mexican cooking. Their corn is different than what we grow here - there's is not as sweet and starchy. Buying tortillas in Mexico is like buying baguettes in France: fresh, daily and consumed in large amounts. Masa is also used to make tamales, a celebratory Christmas dish. Tamales, once cooked, can be reheated and even frozen.

Chiles are actually a fruit. They can grow anywhere and are good for beginner gardeners. In general, the physically smaller the chile, the hotter it is. Larger = milder. The inside of the stems and seeds are the hottest parts.

We made tons of food today, including Chile Rellenos, corn and flour tortillas, guacamole and salsa, Chicken with Mole, tacos, tamales and even dessert (Tres Leches (Three Milk) Cake.

Look at all these beautiful ingredients (ignore
the pens, please).

Carne Asada.

Chips and Guac.


Tres Leches Cake.

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