Saturday, August 15, 2015

Be cool

There's a reason I didn't move to the valley (San Fernando or San Gabriel), or anywhere inland (and cheaper). I can't take the heat. Ditto the humidity. And this weekend the is beach proving to be worth every penny I pay for it.

Record-threatening high temperatures have been heating up since late in the week and, depending on when and who you're listening to, will continue to plague us through either Sunday or Tuesday. Throw in a couple of brushfires that broke out (Glendora and Simi Valley) and it's just a scorching weekend in the Southland.

Which brings me back to the beach. It's been warm "for us", but certainly nothing anywhere near what the rest of Southern Cal is dealing with the past few and next few days. And I'm extremely grateful for that. I don't even have A/C, although the fans are getting a workout. As I type this I'm sitting on my balcony, not sweating at all thanks to the cool breeze typical of where I live. In fact, it's downright cool here. I'm so fortunate.

Dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Mom Thursday.
Dinner at Tony P's tonight. (Marina del Rey)

The related sort of good/bad news is that we might be getting some serious rain this winter, what the L.A. Times is referring to as a "Godzilla El Nino". Good because we've been in a drought for some time and desperately need rain, bad because it could cause flooding, not to mention some serious mudslides in the areas burned by brushfires, and we're nowhere near the end of fire season.

Hang in there everyone, and stay cool if you can!

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