Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So...good news and bad news on the Sophie front

The good news: Vet confirmed that I didn't crush Sophie's little paw with my mighty bulk. And she's now up to date on all her shots.

The bad news: She has dental issues. One of her canines (top left) was lost somewhere between her last visit and this one. It's just gone. In addition, she also appears to have a cavity or some such issue with one of her back teeth. The last couple of years during her checkups the vet has noted she has some tartar build up, but they don't like to do dental work on cats unless absolutely necessary because they have to be put under and it's kind of dangerous for them. Today I was told that the time has come for Sophie's teeth issues to be dealt with. So two weeks from today, she's going back to the vet for a day of dental work. I'm sure she'll be fine, plus I'd rather deal with this now rather than later, when it could be even worse.

Bonus points for the estimate: Depending on how many teeth have to be extracted (one or two) the damage is going to be anywhere from $1,000 to $1,300. On the other hand, she's never been sick a day in her life, so other than checkups I haven't had to spend a lot of money on her, not to mention she's worth every penny.

Also, as much as Sophie hates being there, I really love our vet. This was waiting for us in the exam room today:

So sweet, VCA Marina Animal Hospital

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