Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sophie crisis averted

This morning Sophie got underfoot in the kitchen, I didn't see her, and the result was that I stepped on one of her paws, eliciting a painful, heart-wrenching shriek. I kept an eye on her and for a while she seemed okay, then I watched her walk across the living room and one front foot seemed bent in a really weird, unnatural way. There was no visible injury, but she was walking on it oddly.

She didn't seem to be in any pain or distress, but that one foot looked really off. I figured we were in for a trip to the vet, so I took a shower and got dressed. But by then she seemed to be walking normally. I was still on the fence until she jumped up on and off the counter in the bathroom without any problem. It was a relief, because my guilt factor was rocketing off the charts when I thought I'd hurt her. As the day went on, she was active and obviously fine.

She's also due for a couple of shots, so I went ahead and booked an appointment for her tomorrow. They'll check her foot too, but I think she's okay. It's a huge relief, because for a while there I thought I'd really done some damage.

She's a very important member of the family.

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