Saturday, January 2, 2016

In praise of the noble horse: Mack the fire horse

Horses are like big dogs. They serve nobly and can't seem to do enough for us. Case in point: Mack, the legendary fire horse.  From the article:
On one occasion he nobly responded to a command to take the apparatus through a narrow passageway in the South End between flaming walls. He came out withall the hair burned from one side of his body. "Mack" knew the difference between the test alarms and real fire alarms, his dash from his stall to his place at the apparatus being much more vigorous on the latter occasions. In one instance when the sounding of an alarm at night found the lights in the engine house all extinguished, "Mack" was impatiently waiting in his place when they were resumed. His unfailing instinct had enabled him to go there directly in the dark.
The "dash to the apparatus" referred to in that paragraph refers to this:

Note how the horse come bursting out as soon as their doors open and immediately go right into place. They can't wait for the harnessing to be done and when it is, they just take off.

Back to the original article, I was happy to see this:
After the York County Fire Museum was established at 757 West Market Street, the monument was moved to the yard beside the museum. "Mack's" remains were re-interred next to the monument, however not before "Mack" made a final fire call. While his remains were being transferred to the Fire Museum, the fireman transporting them responded to a fire call.
A true hero.

H/T to Cowgirl Magazine on FB for the link to the article and Art Horse Magazine on FB for posting the video.

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