Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The wind came back in a big way yesterday

Yesterday was a replay of Friday. During the afternoon the winds kicked up big time. It even knocked my lavender plant over (it survived).

Turns out it was even windier than the other day! The water in the channel was choppier than I've ever seen it.

I couldn't even walk to the end of the channel; as soon as I got to the beach the sand was blowing so much I had to turn back. It was even crazier than Friday, a real sandstorm. No one else braved it either. It was weird seeing it so deserted.

I still wanted to get my walk in, so I decided to walk to the market down the street. Big mistake. The wind was still crazy, and there's a huge construction site down the street that had dirt blowing all over the place. Again, just like a sandstorm, only dirtier.

One great thing about the walk is that one of the apartment complexes down the street has this great big American flag, and it was just dancing in the wind. I loved it with the palm trees in the background.

So far, today is just a regular soft breeze day. Wondering if it will crank up again later. I just hope all this wind will result in a bonanza of seashells. We don't get too many on our beach, for some reason.

Like I need to add to my seashell collection.

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