Friday, May 6, 2016

Hey, I get to do a PIT maneuver!

While I was wandering the grounds of the amazing and gorgeous Upton Sinclair house (see previous post) on Sunday, I got an email about something I had completely forgotten about. It was from Writers' Police Academy. When I registered in February, everyone had the option to request to participate in some extra activities outside of the classrooms. Those spots are doled out by lottery, so there's no guarantee. May 1 was the day they notified us if we made it and what we'd be doing. I was hoping to shoot, but was pleased when this popped up in my inbox:

Hello from the WPA volunteers,
When you registered for the academy, you indicated you were interested in one or more of our special classes. You have been selected for Chase Stop Maneuver.
This course was previously called Pursuit Immobilization Technique. Or how to bring a high-speed pursuit to an end. You will drive the pursuit vehicle that catches and makes contact with the fleeing suspect’s car, causing it to lose traction. Definitely a heart-pounding workshop!
Since the class involves driving a vehicle, a driver’s license check is required. Please reply to this email with your Last name, First name, MI, Date of Birth, State of residence, and Driver’s License Number. Your timeliness will be appreciated.
You will receive the time and date of your session with your registration package.
If you didn’t ask for this class or have lost interest in it, please let us know so we can release your slot to someone else.
Thank you for registering and we’re looking forward to seeing you in August,

As a Southern Californian, I am of course an expert at watching car chases on TV and yelling, "NOW!!!" at said TV for the cops to do the PIT maneuver and bring the chase to a safe end. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to be a bit more difficult when I'm in the driver's seat of the pursuing vehicle (that would be da cop car) than when I'm firmly planted on my couch.

From the WPA's website:

High Speed Pursuit! You will drive the pursuit vehicle that catches and makes contact with the fleeing suspect's car, causing it to lose traction. Definitely a heart-pounding workshop!

Heart-pounding and fun, and probably extremely humbling. We'll see what an expert I am.

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