Thursday, August 11, 2016

This is happening (Writers' Police Academy 2016)

I've got my assignment:

Writers' Police Academy in once again upon us, and that means all kinds of cool stuff. We're in Green Bay, Wisconsin this year. Beautiful place. So very, very green. I guess that's why they call it Green Bay, ya think?

And so very, very cheesy. At the airport, on my way to pick up my luggage:

The Packers play tomorrow night and apparently we're in the hotel everyone stays at for their home games, so I'm hoping to spot an actual, for real cheese head in his or her native habitat. You know, just to have the full-on Green Bay experience. 


GingerRing said...

I was there wearing my Packer Jersey!! lol

Melinda said...

You were right at home then, Ginger!