Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Camels of Monrovia

Last Friday, after running some errands and doing some shopping, Mom and I headed over to the Monrovia Farmer's Market. If you've never been there, it's very family-oriented, heavily attended and really fantastic.

For diehard foodies it might be a bit light on produce, but I still managed to score a huge bunch of celery, some big beautiful strawberries, kumquats, dandelion greens and a lovely bouquet of lavender. It also has some really talented jewelry vendors. I ended up with two necklaces, plus my Mom bought the matching ring and earrings to one of them for my birthday. Very pretty stuff.

There's also a ton of food vendors, plus plenty of places to eat on Myrtle Avenue, where the market is located.

There's also really incredible stuff for the kids. There were three or four of these giant inflatable slides, and the petting zoo included not just pony rides, but camel rides as well. Seriously.

Mom and I had dinner at Jake's Roadhouse.

Monrovia is a beautiful town with a lot of local history, and its farmer's market is huge and highly recommended.

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