Saturday, March 25, 2017

I relate to enough of these that I thought it was worth posting

20 Things Only Highly Creative People Understand.

A few that hit home:

They cannot multi-task effectively...


Often, this requires solitude for periods of time...

Most of the time, actually.

...highly creative people often can quickly shift from joy to sadness or even depression. Their sensitive heart, while the source of their brilliance, is also the source of their suffering.

I know it sounds pretentious as hell, but it's true. I envy people who are emotionally tough.

Creatives are notorious procrastinators because many do their best work under pressure. 

Oh good, it's not just me. Actually, this is how I just got through my first UCLA Extension TV writing class, and came out with an A and a hell of an outline for a Better Call Saul spec. All assignments were due online by Friday at midnight, and each and every one was submitted on Friday evening, except for the one that didn't get done until Saturday. Nothing about this story existed when this class started; this wasn't the show I was planning on speccing. But when I had to come up with something, I did. The rest of the week was mainly spent thinking about it. But nothing actually got done until the deadline was looming.

Although I do wish I didn't procrastinate. It's a personal failure IMO.

They have difficulty finishing projects.

Again, oh good, it's not just me.

Check out the whole article and see what you think.

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