Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Submitted for your approval - July edition

Rough month. Expensive move (lots of damage) away from the beach and into crippling heat, and a rejection from the upcoming Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles anthology. I could have used some good news right about the time I got that email. It was a dark and stormy night, at least inside my head, even if it was quietly broiling outside.

I wanted to get more submissions in this month, but a couple of the projects I wanted to submit are still works in progress and need some more time and polishing. Still, I managed four submissions, all to the Moondance International Film Festival.

Moondance has about five million categories, which is fun. I submitted to the Short Screenplay and Short Story categories. The submissions are:

Short Screenplay category: Chick Stuff with Whitney and Alannah. This is a short script I wrote years ago when I was concentrating on screenplays, and then never did anything with it. It needed a bit of updating, but that turned out to be easy-peasy. Better than I remembered. Will be looking for more contests for this one.

Short Story category: Moondance gives you three short story entries for the price of one, so I submitted Like Deja vu All Over Again, Christine Thirteen (the SinC/LA reject) and The Legend of Bahama Bobby, which had originally been written for the upcoming Bouchercon anthology.

From their website, it looks like Moondance is looking for message-heavy submissions, and although everything I submitted features female protagonists, I don't know if they will be message-heavy enough for the judges. I guess we'll see.

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