Sunday, February 10, 2019

In a world of Kassys, be an Andy

How did we get to this point? Because I'm pretty sure all the local Mexican restaurants that always do a booming business on Cinco de May wouldn't be happy if everyone who isn't Hispanic suddenly decided they weren't any more likely to show up at said restaurants on May 5 than on any other day of the year. But before we get to Cinco, we had to get through Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year).

Behold Kassy, who just had to be a Negative Nancy and try to ruin it for everyone:

Luckily, there are still some Andys in this crazy world:

You are more than adequate, sir. You are awesome.

Doesn't Andy seem like he would be fun to hang with? Unlike, oh say, you know who.

Happy Year of the Pig everyone!*  Except you, Kassy, you Debbie Downer.

H/T to Redpill Daily on FB for the precious.

*With permission from Andy.

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