Saturday, July 13, 2019

Truthiness in advertising - Taco time!!!

If you've seen the Burger King commercials touting their new $1 tacos, you've probably had the same thought as me: "As much as I don't want to embrace tacos from a fast-food burger joint, those actually look pretty damn good. Really good. And only a buck. I might have to try those."

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Delish checked them out and like so many things, what you see isn't what you get: We Tried Burger King's New $1 Taco - Here's What We Thought.

Just to give you an idea of what they thought, the subtitle of the article's title is Basically they're catfishing us.

Remember those beautiful tacos from the ads?

Pic from Burger King's Facebook page.

What's not to love, right? Here, take my money! I'll take twenty!

Not so fast - here's what they really look like.

Pic from Delish's BK order.

Anyone else think these things look like the deep-fried Jack-in-the-Box taco's less attractive sibling?

I wouldn't be surprised if Burger King execs and admen are sticking pins in Delish voodoo dolls right now. Their ads all but guaranteed a big jump in business, but the Delish article - especially the pictures - just brought that to a screeching halt. I know I'm no longer tempted. In fact, the article includes a poll and 88% (myself included) have voted for "Not going to try them". Somewhere, McDonald's is laughing their ass off and Taco Bell is heaving a huge sigh of relief.

Just in case those pictures don't scare you off, per the article one customer complained that the tacos "Look like dog food in a crusty tortilla shell". Yep, that's an appetite killer right there.

Luckily, Delish has also provided a palate cleanser: Taco Bell Turned This Gorgeous Beachfront Location Into a Boozy Cantina.

Since the 1980's, one of the most beautiful Taco Bell stores has been open in Pacifica, CA. Located steps from the Linda Mar beach, it's a pretty iconic spot to eat a Chalupa. And now there's even more reason to visit: This summer, T. Bell turned the restaurant into a cantina, meaning it officially serves local wine, beer, and Twisted Freezes, which are spiked versions of frozen Taco Bell drinks like the Baja Blast.

According to the article this is far from the first Taco Bell Cantina, but it's the first I've ever heard of it. Plus, it's just so dang pretty and right on the beach!

Note the surfboard parking in front.

All pics snicked from the Delish articles.

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