Saturday, January 18, 2020

Our parents got the best singers

No Auto-Tunes, no Pro Tools, no choreography, nothing artificial at all. Just a gifted guy with a God-given voice and a microphone singing a great song.

My Mom saw The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl and Dodger Stadium back in the early sixties. Years later my druggie sister got ahold of the programs from those shows and sold them for drug money. She stole a lot, but those were the worst.

The 80's weren't too shabby. I saw Oingo Boingo a ton of times including many shows at the late, great Universal Amphitheatre, Cheap Trick at The Colosseum, Queen at The Forum, The B-52's at The Greek, and Cyndi Lauper at Irvine Meadows, among others. But I haven't attended a live concert in years and I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I would have loved to have been at this one. What a great performance. No gimmicks, no pretension, just a great song sung by a great singer.

I recently watched the Linda Ronstadt documetary (Netflix has it on DVD) and while I've been a fan of a lot of her music from back in the day, the film really drove home again what it's like to watch a gifted, versatile singer with a flawless voice stand in front of a microphone and just sing. There's just nothing like it.

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