Sunday, May 31, 2020

May Words of Wisdom

The secret to a good morning is to watch the sunrise with an open heart.
--Anthony T. Hincks

The more subtle and elegant you are in hiding your plot points, the better you are as a writer. --Billy Wilder

America...appears like a last effort of divine Providence on behalf of the human race. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write hard and clear about what hurts. --Ernest Hemingway

You can't be for big government, big taxes and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy. --President Ronald Reagan

Liberation is a permanent inner peace attained through the complete abandonment of delusions. --Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Know that you can start late, look different, be uncertain and still succeed.
--Misty Copeland

If you have made mistakes, even serious mistakes, you may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down. --Mary Pickford

It is by sitting down to write every morning that one becomes a writer. --Gerald Brenan

When the state puts you in jail for walking in a park with your child because it's too dangerous but lets criminals out of jail, it's not about your health. --Kevin Sorbo

You have to be able to slow down enough to switch your focus away from all the ways things could be better, to know how good they already are.
--Katharine Ellison

Successful people don't wait. They don't get stalled on one step, one issue, one project. The continuously go about the problem of creating value. They're not interested in struggling and waiting. They're focused on doing. --Frank Darabont

A drop of ink may make millions think. --Lord Byron

Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them - in order that the reader may see what they are made of. --Kurt Vonnegut

Don't compare your life to others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when its their time. --Unknown

Rather than tell the audience who a character is, I like to show the audience what a character wants. --Aaron Sorkin

Their is a piece of my heart that lives in the ocean. When I am at the beach I am in my place of devotion. --Jen McIntosh

Does (the plot) force your character to choose or leave something behind? If your protagonist can easily go back to the life they lived before it isn't strong enough. --Jordan Rosenfeld

Commitment is doing what you said you would do, after the feeling you said it in has passed. --St. Camillus

My dream is to have a house on the beach, even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air.
--Christina Applegate

The more I study the Constitution, the more I realize that no other document devised by the hand of man has brought so much progress and happiness to humanity...
To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race. --Calvin Coolidge

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