Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Black Rifle Coffee Company figures out how to get more of my money

Black Rifle Coffee is now offering instant coffee.

I've been on an instant coffee kick the past few months. I'd bought some to take with me to Left Coast Crime in March, but since that got shut down I ended up using it at home and got hooked on how much coffee I wasn't wasting. I usually only have one, maybe two cups per morning, so when I brewed more a lot of it would often go to waste. This way I'm just using what I need.

I recently bought a jar of instant, but when that runs low you know what I'm going to be ordering.

I can recommend Black Rifle Coffee for a couple of reasons. First is that it's the best coffee I've ever had. At one point I ran out and grabbed a bag of Starbucks at the grocery store and it tasted like crap after having Black Rifle. I ended up throwing it away. The second is that BRCC is veteran owned and operated. They are amazing guys and it's a pleasure to support their company.

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