Tuesday, June 23, 2020

My Ballona

Yesterday I realized I'm going on two years since the move. I can't believe it's been that long. Like everything else in my life, time just gets away from me.

I remember the morning of the move hoping (childishly) that I would get a call from the movers that their truck had broken down and that they wouldn't be able to move me. Maybe I should grow up and stop expecting so much from life.

I've lived in both Playa del Rey and Marina del Rey. Both moves away were purely financial decisions, and both moves away were huge mistakes. I should have held on at any cost, both times. Some people never learn.

I was perfectly at home in both places. More so than anywhere else.

You can see my old apartment at the end of this one.

And in the beginning of this one:

And you can see my old driveway at the beginning of this one:

BTW, that street isn't Admiralty Way, it's Via Marina. Admiralty Way is in the opposite direction.

So homesick.

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