Monday, November 9, 2020

Duping the masses

This morning I saw a story on YouTube from CBS News referring to Joe Biden as "President-Elect Biden", despite the fact that no actual winner has officially been determined. There are recounts and legal challenges to deal with first. The media doesn't get to "call" an election. CBS News knows it, Biden knows it. And yet they seem to have no compunction about misleading the American public. Right now I could claim the title of President-Elect. So could you. Trump could. Right now all of us are equally entitled to it. No one has actually, officially received it yet.

Yesterday on social media someone mentioned that ABC News and NBC News had removed video of their election coverage from last Tuesday night showing President Trump leading in voting in certain states, before those same certain states stopped counting votes and received mysterious deliveries of hundreds of thousands of ballots that oddly (against all logic or statistical possibilities) favored one candidate. Despite those oddities, none of these "news" entities seem interested in reporting that. And we know if the ballots were reversed, they'd be all over it. Instead, they're withholding information based on their own bias.

This is the same media that "called" a presidential victory for Al Gore in 2000, and we all know how that turned out. This needs to be figured out; the results need to be verified so that the American public can have faith in our elections, regardless of the results. We deserve it.

On top of that social media is peppering posts with election "warnings" of supposedly inaccurate and disputed information as determined by their totally not biased "fact checkers" even as they intentionally do the exact same thing they condescendingly claim to be protecting us unwashed masses from.

What all of this shows is that it seems that the news media, social media, and politicians have no shame when it comes duping the public. It's sad and manipulative, and it isn't helping anybody. It's pure political posturing. Biden and the media have led his supporters into thinking it's a done deal. One can only imagine what will happen if investigations into irregularities at the polls gives Trump the win. The media and Democratic party know damn well they can use it to try to delegitimize a different result and that Biden's supporters will explode if the prize that's been dangled in front of them turns out to have been false all along. And yet they're doing it anyway. That's what they think of us. We're mere pawns to them, peasants who can't think for ourselves and need our political and media betters to do it for us. That's what they think of us. They certainly don't care about us.

Last week I blogged about my hair salon boarding up their windows in anticipation of rioting in the event that the election went one particular way. Countless other businesses did the same. They probably thought they would have been able to remove them by now. Regardless of what certain people are claiming, they might want to keep them up for a while.

No links. I don't want to contribute to the spread of false news or false hopes. Unlike the media and politicians, I have too much respect for the public to do that.

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